Internal Business App

Equipment Inventory & Rentals Management

By digitising and optimising the business processes we helped a client reduce costs and improve efficiency, with an innovative solution.

The problem

Pen and paper is not scalable or reliable

When your business relies on busy and rushed staff using pen and paper to fill out rental lists or log inventory, you will inevitably deal with serious scaling, storage, reporting and reliability issues.

Inventory management.

The solution

The process needs to be digitised

By mapping out the whole company process, we were able to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, to propose a simplified digital process to manage their inventory and rentals, using QR codes, iOS/Android mobile app and a back office web app.

Stock management interface.

The outcome

Increased efficiency and saved money

  • Clear paper trail for legal and regulatory compliance

  • Queue times for customers reduced by 70%

  • Payments taken for damages in-app, reducing admin costs and losses

  • Anomaly detection for quicker admin of exceptional cases

  • Inventory item health, damage and repair history for more efficient replacement and cost reduction

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