Mobile + Drone Security App

Audio & video streaming, GPS tracking system

With agents connected from a mobile device or a tethered drone circling a building, the operator can see a map of all connected agents, and choose to consume a stream of their video and audio with 1 click.

The problem

Poor visibility and communications for security operators

The need arose because of a lack of connectivity between the security operator and the agents on the ground. The operator needs to be able to see exactly where each agent is and what they are doing.

Technical Architecture.

The solution

Deep oversight into current activity

All agents will be connected to the system, either via a mobile device or a drone. Each agent will be broadcasting their GPS position, and their audio and visual stream. An operator using the control panel can see a list of all connected agents, a map with a pin for each agent, and then a live audio/visual feed if they click on an agent.

Navigational tracking display.

The outcome

Innovative and competetive product

The innovative proof of concept was a success and delivered a marketable product that could be used to win business and generate investment.

Technologies Base

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