Custom built platform

Bespoke Pharmacy Ecommerce

Bringing together prescription medication with over the counter products, we created a bespoke ecommerce platform to streamline and improve the pharmacy customer experience across all branches.

The problem

Fragmented business systems stifle growth

With the big cultural movement towards digital, the pharmacy industry is increasingly finding bottlenecks and inefficiencies that can be remedied by transforming their operations with modern software. Helping the business achieve its full potential and improving customer convenience and experience.

ecommerce technical architecture.

The solution

Integrated and streamlined ecommerce platform

We created a smooth customer experience that allows them to sign up to the website, register for the pharmacy, order prescriptions, get medication reminders, purchase OTC products, and pay for both prescriptions and otc products in a unified checkout. Product data is imported into a product information management system from the warehouse before being imported into the backend database. The content on the site is managed through a headless wordpress instance.


The outcome

Increased convenience and growth potential

  • Bespoke solid, maintainable, extendable ecommerce platform giving a competitive advantage over out of the box solutions

  • Many more automated customer touch points to reduce human admin

  • Online storefront, sell warehouse products online to create a new sales channel

  • Giving customers more autonomy and flexibility in ordering their prescriptions

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